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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 12, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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for fresh deli taste, ( scanner beeping, music ) why pay for the whole deli? ♪ ( laughs, beeping ) price check on deli man. oscar mayer deli fresh shaved meats. great, fresh-from-the-deli taste... without the deli counter price. sliced, packed, and sealed at the peak of freshness. oscar mayer deli fresh. for the love of a great sandwich. you saw this coming, winter is literally builting down fall's door. the chilling surprises sweeping much of the nation. >> extraordinary individual, he was a pillar in this community.
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>> and closest to him say he had big plans for the community he loved, leaving many to wonder why he was killed. . first at 11, fears continue to grow despite the h1n1 vaccine becoming more readily available. good evening, i'm marys beth marsden. more than a third of parents would not allow their kids to get the vaccine. tonight christian shaver spoke to parents who said this is becoming a difficult decision. >> reporter: the county's chief health official have been making the point that the swine flu unlike the seasonal flu has been able to strike healthy children with deadly results. a lot of parents are still concerned about the possibility of giving their kids another potentially untested vaccine. it's a discussion that's going
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on at playgrounds, parks, and dinner tables across the nation and here in maryland. valerie brown's husband thinks their 2-year-old daughter should get the swine flu vaccine. >> he feels we shouldn't take any chances about her getting sick. >> reporter: valerie isn't sure. >> i'm getting mixed messages from the health department and the cdc. >> reporter: she's not alone. danny muse and his wife aren't settled on whether 18-month-old zach should get vaccines for the swine flu or the seasonal flu. >> he has his 18 month appointment today so we'll see what the doctor says. >> reporter: some parents are concerned that the swine flu vaccine is too untested. the head of maryland's department of health and mental hygiene says the h1n1 vaccine is made exactly like the seasonal flu vaccine and so far there
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have been no reports of side-effects. frank's daughter ayna has gotten her shot and there's another needle in her future as she will be vaccinated against the swine flu. >> i would be more concerned she'd get the illness and it would be bad. >> reporter: at least 76 children have died from the swine flu virus in the united states. valerie brown says frightening stories won't be enough to convince her that hannah needs the vaccine. she wants more facts. >> i feel there hasn't been enough testing on it and should i trust my child to get it because everybody else is. >> reporter: experts say the best advice, if you're unsure whether to give your kid the swine flu vaccine or even the seasonal flu vaccine, the best advice is to talk to your doctor. christian shaver, abc2 news. in the meantime, doctors are passing along these h1n1 warning signs for parents. you're urged to seek immediate help if your young children are
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showing these systems. fast or troubled breathing, blueish skin, lack of thirst, irritability, fever with a rash and those would likely include a cough. and abc2 news works for you all day tomorrow. we've gathered experts and doctors to come and answer your questions about the virus and the vaccine. that's on the air and on line tomorrow from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m., a day of answers. and here's a sneak peek at who will be taking your questions. the director of the maryland emergency management agency will start the day to talk about how maryland plans to handle a full scale outbreak and state health secretary is expected to be here at 6 p.m. when we wrap things up with your questions. now, more hospitals across our area are taking steps to protect their patients and their visitors from the swine flu. mercy hospital, for example, is the latest to implement changes to its visitation policy. this comes as a ton of area hospitals are doing the same,
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including gbmc and harbor hospital. >> visiting in our paediatrics and obstetrics areas are being revised in light of h1n1 because our number one priority is the safety of our patients. that's always our number one priority. >> and your best bet is to check the hospital policy before you go visiting. there's concern about whether hospitals are really ready for a worse case scenario. in an editorial today in the journal of the medical association it says many u.s. hospitals may not have adequate numbers of physicians or staffing to facilitate timely treatment. featured in the same story, the university of maryland medical center is already making contingency plans. >> we're planning for the entire spectrum. everything from being able to accommodate large numbers of patients in our emergency room who are not terribly sick to
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admitting large numbers of patients to our icu who overwhelm our normal ability to provide critical care. the human cost is the top priority. but h1n1 also poses an economic threat. federal estimates reveal that employee absenteeism could add up to an economic loss between 50 to $100 billion if it reaches a pandemic level. for small businesses like samos clothing stores in baltimore with two locations, samos is open seven days a week, 12 hours a day, but this day the owner frank gaddy is sick forcing his father to fill in. >> this is a small business. you can't afford to close any days realistically so it will take its toll, throw us off our monthly schedule. >> abc2 news has a wealth of ininformation on our website. we've posted a link to the maryland state health department's new interactive map which will help you find out
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where and when flu sthot clinics are available for the seasonal flu and swine flu. now to weather, an early chill across the nation and we felt it today. so what can we expect for tomorrow? norm is in the storm center with your first forecast. >> thanks, marybeth. we're not looking at any pretiptation around the region but are expecting rainfall to move into the area on thursday and friday along with chilly temperatures. we're not expecting any frozen precipitation here but i would not be surprised back in the virginia mountains to see freezing rain thursday night into friday. but not here in baltimore. here is your forecast for tonight. mostly cloudy, colder, temperatures in the suburbs, but down at bwi an overnight low of 48 degrees. tomorrow sunshine and warmer temperatures, but don't get used to the warmer because the chilly stuff is on the way. police are investigating an afternoon shooting in woodlawn. the man was found shot in the
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face behind a apartment complex of 1200 block of sejwood road. and the search is on in baltimore for the person who police say staked out a community leader and then shot him. 37-year-old damon jackson was building a new business in his east baltimore neighborhood when he was gunned down saturday morning. delia goncalves spoke with friends and neighbors who say it's a loss for the whole area. >> it was so unlikely. a good guy. >> reporter: a good guy who was giving back to his east baltimore community. >> it's big loss, major loss. >> reporter: 37-year-old damon jackson was shot multiple times just doors away from his home. here at corner unit he purchased and was renovating into a center. >> that was his dream. >> reporter: friends say jackson started working as a personal trainer in his base pt and when he decide -- basement and when he decided to expand his business he decided to stay in
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his neighborhood. >> that fitness center would have expanded the community as a whole and brought them together. >> reporter: every morning between 8 and 9:00 he would come here to the future site of his fitness center just to check up on his workers and the progress on the renovation. when he did saturday morning, they tell us that someone was waiting for him and kid him in the doorway. >> his life to be taken like this, it's unjust. >> extraordinary individual. he was a pillar in this community. >> we were all very close. >> reporter: deacon van davis has lived on this lot 50 years and has known jackson's family for just as long. he said the neighborhood has its challenges but the longtimers are like family. >> the way the community should work, kids and adults working together, that's what was happening over there, and i guess this is indicative of how, how much is gone wrong.
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>> reporter: in east baltimore, delia goncalves, abc2 news. the fitness center was scheduled for grand opening at end of the month. police are still looking for his killer. baltimore county police are searching for the driver who struck and killed a woman this afternoon in pikesville. it happened around 2:30 on the corner of glenback avenue and sudbrook lane. police are looking for a burgandy four-door suv last seen driving from the scene. and a 14-year-old was flown to the hospital after being hit by a car in howard county. it happened as the boy was riding his bike in the 10,000 block of twin rivers road in columbia. no word on his condition. police are trying to determine if it was a hit and run. and we are learning more tonight about that 13-year-old killed by a train yesterday in cecil county. sean kelly was hit when he and a cousin and another friend tried to walk over the tracks. the teen was hit by a train
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travelling in excess of 100 miles per hour. amtrak fenced off the area years ago but people still take the dangerous shortcut. >> that bridge up there, too. they got to do it. the park puts out letters saying you shouldn't be doing it. >> the crisis team met with his classmates today. does the calendar say october or january? it seems we're sliding into winter sooner than usual. watch out! >> yeah, baby. getting their kicks. the ravens host a special night just for women. . and our 2 degree guarantee today was 60 dedegrees but we didn't get near that. the official high 55 degrees. what about tomorrow and the rest of the week? the forecast coming up. bring it.
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. baltimore mayor dixon's trial isn't until next month by the naacp is looking into who would take over as mayor if dixon is removed from office. dixon is accused of stealing gift cards intended for the needy. city charter states the city council president becomes mayor if the current mayor dies or resigns while in office. however, the naacp is concerned a loophole in the state constitution allowing the governor to appoint anyone if the mayor is found guilty of misconduct. members of the naacp is working on a resolution urging lawmakers to address this issue now. >> there needs to be clarity on behalf of everyone in baltimore
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city as to what in fact happens if a mayor is actually convicted. >> dixon's trial on those theft charges is set to begin on november the 9th. in the mean, another game coming to town. maryland's lottery director buddy rugal has an agreement in principle has been reached. the new agreement is expected to bring an additional and much needed revenue to the state. currently 30 states, washington, d.c., and the virginia islands have power ball but only 12 have mega millions. it is chilly out there but we're not the only ones feeling the early chill. old man winter's awake, ignore the calendar and popping up across the country. the cold icy wave sweeping the nation. >> reporter: from the rockies to the midwest, it's feeling more like february than mid-october. temperatures plunged, roads iced over and snow fell, up to 17
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inches in nebraska. icy rain and snow caused more than 100 accidents in minnesota. one of which claimed a life. black ice caused semi-trailers to turn over in colorado. some with live stock trapped inside. continues were so treacherous even rescue crews had to retreat. >> we had multitrucks jack knifes going toward our crews. we bailed away from the trucks several times. >> reporter: in denver, crashes dotted roadways despite officials warnings about the dangerous conditions. >> the truck lost control all of a sudden and i tried to correct it and then it cut back the other way. >> they think it's okay because they don't see accumulation on the roadway so they think they're all right. they hit a curve or a bridge or overpass at the wrong speed and lose control and cause an accident. >> reporter: 87 accidents were
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reported. denver's low was 17 degrees. that blast of arctic east is ex air is headed to the east. winter is on the way. . >> we need that good old indian summer. >> we're going to have one day of kind of indian summer tomorrow and then the chillier air moves in. the good news is in our seven-day outlook we don't have freezing temperatures. that's right around the corner, but soon, but not yet. let's take a look outside right now. your shot from harbor cam overlooking the downtown area. pretty deserted prat street right now. i guess everybody is just kind of hunkered down with the chilly temperatures outside. right now at bwi, 52 degrees, 82% humidity. wind is calm. pressure falling. here are your tides at fort mchenry on tuesday. low tide at 9:54 in the morning,
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high at 2:00 in the afternoon. it's going to be breezy but not real windy. sun comes up at 14 minutes after 7 and sets at 4:30. high today of 55 so basically the temperature went up 8 degrees. it got to a high in york of 53. 50 in oakland. but ocean city they won the prize, they got to 68 degrees today. temperature is still 68 in ocean city. 52 in downtown, a 50 in york, and 46 in oakland with the cloud cover that's starting to break up. throughout the day, lots of clouds around the region and there was a lot of shower activity south and also to the north of us. that has all passed off the eastern seaboard. you see some breaks in the overcast there. now, it's not going to be a sunny day, not a totally overcast day. some breaks in the overcast here and there but at least we'll have warmer temperatures. but an area of low pressure down the south will be coming up the
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eastern seaboard and we will see that on thursday and friday. satellite picture, close are look at it, clouds today, and all the showers from the chesapeake day down to the south have just about ended. outer banks still have shower activity. in our region, nothing showing up on the radar. we will be tracking showers by the time we get along to the end of the week. moncton is down to 47 degrees, 53 in canadianensville 51 on chestertown. overnight, the clouds break up, you'll be able to see some stars through it, maybe the moon a little bit later on. then during the day tomorrow what we're going to be finding is some breaks in the overcast, give way to sunshine, and then on wednesday, quite a bit of sunshine, actually. and some milder temperatures. here is the area of low pressure starting to spread moisture up the even seaboard which we'll
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see thursday and friday. tonight, mostly cloudy, 48 for the low, in the northern and western suburbs it will be colder than that, probably down around 45, 46 degrees. during the day tomorrow, sunshine, partly cloudy, very seasonable temperatures with an a high of 68. 68 will be followed by sunshine ton wednesday but cooler temperatures, 54. i have only 49, kind after cold rain on thursday and friday, highs of 49 and 50. saturday mostly cloudy skies. sunday and monday, sunshine, little bit of a warming, and there's your forecast for the race for the cure on the 18th. 42 degrees early in the morning, warm to 47 by 10:00 in the morning so kind after chilly day. see you tomorrow night at 5, 6, and 11. >> wearing layers. maybe the early snow in the midwest is to blame. check this out. an uninvited lunch guest inside a michigan restaurant yesterday
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afternoon. a pregnant waitress diving for safety. we've been told tonight that she is okay. and that ribbon that you see on your television screen it is breast cancer awareness month and we're joining in the fight here at abc2 news and we're sponsoring the susan g. komen race for the cure. we'll have live coverage on abc2 news. you can check out our website and our think pink page for how you can help out. many purple days at the stadium but tonight it was the third annual purple evening. they hosted their event just for woman. some fans took the opportunity to snap a few photos, not just inside the lockerroom but inside the lockers. and there were plenty of onfield activities.
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tonight, we may have scout add new ravens star in the making. andrea dugan not only gave kicking a try, she made it! >> it was awesome! it was so much fun. i had came out here and this is tremendous. i made a 12-yard field goal. watch out! >> that's right. tonight's event at the stadium ran from 6 until 10 and we're going to have more on ladies night out tomorrow on abc2 news. and a time and money saver with a social twist. would you be up for a food swap? so what comes to mind
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jobs a school district will face. redistricting students. tonight, the first phase of a redistricting plan was approved in anne arundel county. terry owens was there. >> we were talking about elementary school students. do you want them walking? >> reporter: it's the kind of meeting where fireworks can easily break out. parents and school administrators talking about redistricting students. >> we want to make sure that, you know, what is -- what's going to be done is the right thing to do. >> reporter: in this case, the equation seems simple enough. southgate elementary was adding capacity for up to 100 new students. rippling elementary is overcrowded and has to lose 70 sounds, the answer is to move from one school to the other. >> children are resilient. they do, you know, fairly well and probably will adjust just fine. so i think it's more harder for adults than it is for the kids. >> reporter: the only real
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controversy some comments made by the pta about losing affluent students. >> the only thing i think they need to change is the pta president. >> i felt there would be some kind of rippling effect if we lost that large amount of students and income from our school. >> reporter: the recommendation to move the fox chase students now goes to the superintendent of schools and a final plan is due before the county's board of education by early december. in anne arundel county, terry owens, abc2 news. energy costs and food costs typically fall under the same category, but most of us budget to make sure both are covered. but have you ever been part of a food swap in well, when it comes to feeding the family it can be a money saver. linda so explains. >> reporter: when these girls get together the main focus is food. and a lot of it. >> nice variety of good feed from other people.
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a highlight of something i look forward to each month. >> reporter: they're part of a food swap. each person brings multiple portion of a home dish to exchange. you bring one dish and go home with new meals. >> we do soups and casser ols and everything. >> you get to try foods you might not have been exposed to otherwise. >> reporter: while it may sound time consuming to cook a large quantity of food all at once it's only one day at the stove. >> depending on the number of people you're swapping with you get a whole week's worth of meals so you can catch up on work or housekeeping. >> reporter: julia frank says it's also a great way to save money. >> you can buy food in bulk, cheaper to buy and cheaper to prepare a whole lot of one meal. >> reporter: ask your friends if they'd like to form a group or there are sites that will help you find interested people in
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your area. set guide lines. decide whether anything is on the table or if you just want to swap specific foods like side dishes or all vegetarian like this group. check if anyone has -- allergies. and figure out how much you want to meet. >> we can plan, shop the sales, and get goods deals and have the time to take and prepare good meals. >> reporter: these gals enjoy the socializing and say the meals have been real life savers. >> helping me to get inspiration and ideas for my own kitchen again. >> and you know, there are even international food swaps on line so if you like foreign food and it can be safely stored and shipped you can exchange with someone overseas who likes american food. we'll be right back. we're gonna do it like this.
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